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Relocation of D&T Education: An International Journal

The Design and Technology Education: An International Research Journal has a new home at Liverpool John Moores University.

The Journal has moved from the previous hosting site at Loughborough University and is now open for searching and submissions at Liverpool John Moores (LJMU).

the mammoth task of moving each article and book review is been overseen by Professor Kay Stables, editor of the journal, with technical support from Cath Dishman at LJMU and admin provided by a student from Nottingham Trent University.

This has been a collective effort but Professor Stables has been the driving force and done most of the planing, thinking and organising.

Thanks to the D&T Association and Nottingham Trent University for supporting the move by funding the admin - Evelyn Akpan. Thanks also to Dr Matt McLain for setting up the new partnership with the journal and LJMU. A real team effort!

Why is this important?

The Design and Technology Education: An International Journal is the key journal for D&T in the UK and beyond. It has a fantastic collection of research articles that D&T teachers will find helpful to their practice and thinking about the subject.

A few articles and a review to start with

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