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Check out the list of D&T databases below. Read about each one in the summaries on the right and "Click" on database title (left) to go to the hosting site. 

Continuing the 18 years of research tradition championed by Associate Professor Howard Middleton at Griffith University, Technology Education Research Unit (TERU), the Biennial International Design and Technology Teacher's Association Research Conference (DATTArc) is led and managed by the academic community in collaboration with classroom practitioners from the early years, to primary and secondary education and through to initial and postgraduate Technology Teacher education. Together this biennial research event pools education researchers from internationally diverse backgrounds and disciplines to advance understanding of how societies frame, teach and critique the education of citizens in the fields of Design, Technologies, and related fields of Innovation Development.

PATT (Pupils Attitudes Toward Technology) is an international organization based in the Netherlands that promotes research in technology. They conduct conferences around the globe including those that have been held at the ITEEA Annual Conferences. 

PATT is an international community of technology education colleagues (researchers, teacher educators, teachers, etc.) who are interested in educational research as a support to developments in technology teaching. PATT is open to all. There is no membership. PATT sessions at the ITEEA Annual conference can be attended by all ITEEA conference participants. Registration for PATT includes registration for ITEEA, the International Luncheon and other special advantages.

Proceedings of previous conferences can be found at the ITEEA website.

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