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Check out the list of D&T journals below. Read about each one in the summaries on the right and "Click" on journal title (left) to go to the hosting site. 

The Australasian Journal of Technology Education provides a forum for scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. Submissions are welcomed relating to the primary, secondary and higher education sectors, initial teacher education and continuous professional development, and general research about Technology Education. Contributions to the on-going research debate are encouraged from any country. The expectation is that the new Journal will publish articles at the leading edge of development of the subject area.

The Journal will seek to publish:

  • reports of research,

  • articles based on action research by practitioners,

  • literature reviews, and

  • book reviews.

Design and Technology Education: An International Journal is a research journal that uniquely provides a broad and inclusive platform for all aspects of Design and Technology Education, Design Education and Technology Education in primary, secondary and higher education sectors, initial teacher education (ITE) and continuous professional development (CPD). The mission of the Journal to publish high quality research, scholarly and review articles at the leading edge of development of theories and practices of Design and Technology Education that increase insight, support understanding and add to global discourse.

All content in Design and Technology Education: An International Journal is freely available through open access on the Liverpool John Moore's University's OJS website and is linked to from the Design and Technology Association's website's 'Research' page:

This is an archive site for issues of the journal published between 1990 - 1995. The journal focused on developments in Design and Technology across all phases of education. It provided a forum for sharing and developing expertise in all the contributing areas of design and technology at the start of its inclusion in the National Curriculum (UK): The journal archive covers news, information, reviews of materials and resources and case studies of good practice at the time. Design & Technology Teaching is distributed free of charge to members of The Design & Technology Association.

The International Journal of Technology and Design Education encourages research and scholarly writing covering all aspects of technology and design education. The journal features critical, review, and comparative studies. In addition, readers will find contributions that draw upon other fields such as historical, philosophical, sociological, or psychological studies that address issues of concern to technology and design education.

The International Journal of STEM Education is a multidisciplinary journal in subject-content education that focuses on the study of teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). It is being established as a brand-new, forward-looking journal in the field of education. As a peer-reviewed journal, it is positioned to promote research and educational development in the rapidly evolving field of STEM education around the world.

The International Journal of STEM Education provides a unique platform for sharing research regarding, among other topics, the design and implementation of technology-rich learning environments, innovative pedagogies, and curricula in STEM education that promote successful learning in Pre K-16 levels including teacher education. We are also interested in studies that address specific challenges in improving students’ achievement, approaches used to motivate and engage students, and lessons learned from changes in curriculum and instruction in STEM education. The journal encourages translational STEM education research that bridges research and educational policy and practice for STEM education improvement.

The Journal of Technology Education publishes international, peer-reviewed, research articles related to the PK-12 curricular area of technology and engineering education (T&EE), and its teacher education. T&EE typically engages students in learning that is hands-on, involving problem-solving and design. T&EE is intended for all students regardless of their future occupation. While the focus is sometimes confused with educational technology or career and technical education, T&EE students learn about technologies ranging from material processing, energy, biotechnologies, and robotics, to electronics, transportation, construction, computer technologies, and communications with the goal of improving their technological literacy and engineering literacy.

The Techne series publishes peer-reviewed research in in Sloyd Education and Crafts Science in Nordic languages and English. The journal opens up various theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives on education and learning in the field of Sloyd/Craft [swe. Slöjd]. The Techne series publishes articles that discuss processes, materiality, and body-based aspects related to the journal's focus. The articles can focus on educational, psychological, social, cultural and technical contexts in formal and informal physical and virtual learning environments.

The journal's name originates from the Greek word Techne which is used in the meaning of doing and being able to make something artisanal and artistic. It is also used in the widest sense of knowing and understanding – manage and execute or to be familiar with something. The Techne series was started in 1995 as a printed publication; from 2011 the journal is published as “open access”.

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